Artist Statement

For Mohib, photography is a form of experiential exploration of the world. 

Growing up as a kid, images from newspapers and magazines were his window into the world unseen. From a young age, he understood the power of photography to transform one’s way of seeing the world. As he travels, capturing the singular beauty of a particular landscape, he still thinks of his images as those illuminating windows that were so instrumental to him as a child.

The camera acts as a travel guide. It takes Mohib from his backyard to the mountaintops and to the coast and sometimes across the sea to other countries. Each outing is a chance to truly experience a place. He spends a good deal of time at each location. It is more than just snapping a nice photo, its getting to know a place on a personal level. He often returns to the same spot again and again, seeing new things each time.  

His mantra is what can't be experienced can’t be captured.

Each image is an expression of Mohib’s emotional connection to the location. He personally interprets the scene and visualizes compositions through this connection. He not only captures the objects that make up the scene, a cluster of trees, a waterfall, but the wind and the light as well. In this way, his photographs take on a painterly feel. The viewer can almost feel the environment of the photograph surrounding them.

His subjects range from a single plant to the rugged coastlines of the Pacific. Mohib's newest muse is The Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains, especially the area around Boone, NC. 

Once in the field, Mohib lets inspiration, and his trusty camera, be his guide. He feels too much pre-planning stifles vision and experimentation. Once back from the field, Mohib spends time with his images, carefully selecting which ones to print. This is an organic process, one that is has grown more intuitive over time now that each photograph is snapped after careful deliberation and thought as opposed to chance.

Mohib continues to expand upon his body of work, traveling to places, new and familiar, every chance he gets, bringing the great wide world ever closer. For more information on Mohib's work, to order prints, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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